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Managers, we get you.

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I’m OK.
Be Better.

Managers, we get you.

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A single piece of software and a selection of products to combine depending on your profile and needs.

Because a manager forewarned is a manager forearmed, we offer a data retrieval, analysis and reporting system tailored to your business to enable you to optimize routine operations in your outlets and boost your performance.

 Traffic analysis

and anticipate your flows

Understand foot traffic and customer behavior in your outlets.
  • Improve operational fluidity
  • Optimize the customer journey
  • Manage your staff more effectively
 Dynamic signage

your displays alive

Communicate instantly with all your points of contact.
  • Modernize your outlets
  • Digitize your contacts with customers
  • Put out the right information at the right time
 Mobile Assistant

your outlets

A clear, easy-to-use app to run your outlets from your mobile device.
  • Save time
  • Ensure you have staff right where you need them
  • Communicate instantly

A solution adapted
to your industry

Go full-digital and modernize your food services.

Enhance your offering and optimize your customer contacts.

Improve your customer flows and staff allocation.

Anticipate store traffic and optimize the in-store customer journey.

Effectively centralize all your data.

More than 300 compagnies
trust us